Morgan 3-Wheeler adventure: Day 2

By: Rod Allen, Photography by: Rod & Archie Allen

Morgan 3-Wheeler adventure: Day 2 Morgan 3-Wheeler adventure: Day 2 Morgan 3-Wheeler adventure: Day 2

Day 2: Rod & Archie Allen find the inertia switch thanks to a large pothole and battle more rainy weather to eventually arrive in Traralgon.


Morgan 3-Wheeler Long Drive - Day 2 

Date:               7 August, 2015

Drive:              Port Campbell to Traralgon

Distance:         398.8 klms

Fuel:                32.46L


Today, we found the inertia switch. If the M3W thinks it has been in an accident there is a safety feature to cut off the fuel supply to minimise any fire.

We headed due north of Port Campbell on the C164 and took a right on the C163 towards Colac. Beautiful countryside and no traffic. Delightful. On the C163 is a stretch of 8.5km where the speed limit is reduced to 60km/h because of a rough road surface. We had fun dodging and weaving potholes. This is extra fun in an M3W because the rear wheel tracks between the front two wheels.

After the 60k zone the road improved and we upped the speed again. About 2km further on at a lovely spot called Irrewilpe we found another pothole. Actually the right front wheel found the pothole. Actually it was about the size of the Sea of Tranquillity. The M3W took a good jolt. Then stalled.

We had a really good look over the whole car and it seemed intact. No damage at all. A quick call to Chris van Wyk at the Dealership and he pointed out where to find the inertia switch (hadn’t got up to page 41 in the Owner’s Handbook yet). Press the button and away you go. We drove very slowly for a few kilometres to make sure the steering and suspension really were ok. No problems.

After a quick stop in Geelong we headed for the Queenscliff Ferry. The staff looked at the M3W and decided it was a trike. I didn’t feel the need to correct them and was happy with the $9 saving on the fare.

We had a couple of light showers today. The water just scoots over the top of the wind deflectors and so your body doesn’t get wet. Your right hand is out in the wind, as is you face. Gloves and goggles are essential but even then it is less than perfect driving in the rain.

We didn’t arrive at Traralgon until about 30 minutes after sunset. I remember looking at the M3W headlights and thinking they looked essentially ornamental. However, they were impressively good.

Driving in the dark was fine. Driving in the cold is fine. Driving in a little light shower is fine. But the trifecta was a little tough. If you can avoid it, don’t drive in Victoria in winter, at night, in the rain.

Another perfect day of Morganing. Tomorrow we aim for Bateman’s Bay. 


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