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Unique Cars issue 375 Unique Cars issue 375
UC 375 - Mountain Muscle UC 375 - Mountain Muscle
UC 375 - Great cars of the 70s, Ford Capri UC 375 - Great cars of the 70s, Ford Capri
UC 375 - Salt Racers UC 375 - Salt Racers
UC 375 - Sleeping Beauties UC 375 - Sleeping Beauties
UC 375 - HQ Update UC 375 - HQ Update
UC 375 Buyers Guide 240/260Z UC 375 Buyers Guide 240/260Z
UC 375 - Readers Restoration, Charger UC 375 - Readers Restoration, Charger

Unique Cars issue #375 is on sale now, as we remember the golden era at Bathurst with our cover story on the Torana A9X and Falcon Cobra.



What's inside this month...


Mountain Muscle: A9X & XC Cobra
Remembering the goldern era at Bathurst...

'Win on Sunday, sell on Monday'. In our cover story, we remember the glorious era for Australian racing and the Australian car industry.

Mountain -muscle -500 

Watch a video of the A9X plus more related features on these cars here

Salt Flat Racers

The people who race their cars on the flat salt lakes are a very special breed. Building a bespoke vehicle that's completely useless for anything else, how fast can you afford to go? Steve Kealy reports from Lake Gairdner in South Australia. 

On -the -salt -084-500 


Great cars of the 70s

Ford Capri: The European Mustang. 

Three utterly different Fords have carried the name 'Capri' but only one carried it off. John Wright looks at the Mustang-inspired coupe branded 'The car you always promised yourself'. 

UNC_375_Capri V6-500


Sleeping Beauties

We pick a few smart classic buys that could be the next big things...

Peugeot 205gti 4-500


Buyers guide: Datsun 240 - 260Z

Cliff Chambers looks at the iconic Datsun Z-Car.

Datsun -500 

Project HQ

Just as Project HQ is about to hit the road, we thought it was time to reveal a little more about the mechanicals.

UNC_375_engine 1-500

Uncle Phil's picks

Our resident collector and car nut, Uncle Phil, has trawled through the private ads here on tradeuniquecars and shows us his pick of toys on offer.

If you've seen some QR codes (black & white squares) throughout the magazine and don't know what they are all about, Andy Enright explains it all here.




- Morley's Workshop

- John Faine's 'in the shed' with an E-Type

- Reader resto: Chrysler Charger

- Readers rides'

- Coming events, car club contacts and hundreds of classic, vintage, sports and unique cars for sale.



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