Andy's guide to QR codes

Andy Enright's guide to QR codes Andy Enright's guide to QR codes Andy Enright's guide to QR codes

If you've seen those black and white squares sprinkled through the recent issues of Unique Cars and are not quite sure what they mean, here's Associate Editor Andy Enwright's quick guide on what they are and how to use them...

Andy's guide to QR codes
QR codes in Unique Cars magazine. Download the app and scan the QR code with your mobile to access online content


QR (Quick Response) codes

Chances are you’ve heard of a QR code. You know, those weird black and white squares that you see on poster ads? Well, they are now sprinkled throughout the pages of Unique Cars magazine.

We’re a fan of convenience here at UC, so we’re using QR codes to help you access online content such as videos, or searches for cars similar to those featured through the pages. If you’re not entirely sure what to do with them, Associate Editor Andy is here to enlighten. Go to the relevant app store for your smartphone or tablet (iTunes AppStore for Apple products, Play Store for Android) and search for a ‘QR code reader’. You won’t need to pay as there are plenty of decent free ones.

Download and open the app, it will use your device’s camera as the scanner. Go hunting for a QR code. We’ve lined some up for you in our cover stories of the current issue on the 240Z and the Charger. Use the app to scan the code and your gadget will take you straight to our content without you having to type in some tedious website address.

If your phone or tablet refuses to make all this techno-stuff to work for you, your nearest teenager should be able to do it all in about three seconds flat. Unless you present them with an old Nokia 3210, at which point they’ll just look a bit blank.


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