Mount Panorama MkII

By: Scott Murray, Photography by: Scott Murray

News: Mount Panorama MkII News: Mount Panorama MkII News: Mount Panorama MkII
News: Mount Panorama MkII News: Mount Panorama MkII News: Mount Panorama MkII

Bathurst Regional Council plans for a purpose-built second circuit at Australia’s Mecca of motorsport...

Mount Panorama MkII
News: Mount Panorama MkII


Mount Panorama second circuit

This week’s NSW state budget announces a $5million funding boost into Bathurst Regional Council’s plan for a second motorsport circuit at Mount Panorama as part of the Bathurst region’s bicentennial celebrations.

Bathurst mayor Gary Rush says the second circuit project has been a strategic priority for the council who have spent years planning and more recently held meetings with the state premier, to capitalise on future opportunities for business growth.

"What the funding really does for Bathurst is recognise the value of Mount Panorama as a major economic driver for the State and the important place Bathurst has as a key regional city in NSW. State government has got that message loud and clear that this is indeed a unique and iconic place that if enabled to develop even further, will provide ongoing investment in terms of major events that drive national and international tourism to the Region."

Victoria Erskine, spokesperson for Bathurst council, says the idea has been in the pipeline for a long time and will deliver benefits the current circuit cannot as a public road.

"There has been a lot of input from other groups from motorbikes and historic racing etc. to give us the freedom of access to a full motorsport facility that currently can’t be done. We can only close off the current circuit five times a year so a purpose-built facility will be an added bonus."

The Mount Panorama Second Circuit Action Group have consulted and for the investment and member Lachlan Sullivan says a second track can enhance the traditional circuit in the future and attract world class events.

"This is paramount to ensure that we can attract Formula One, MotoGP or World Superbikes back to Bathurst in the future; the location of the proposed facility is crucial."

Group members have so far proposed the best location for the circuit would be on the east side of the track, between Conrod Straight and College Road, where it is private property currently. There is also mention of the two circuits being able to be joined, in a long-track/short-track configuration. Mr Sullivan says the new track’s layout is a crucial planning step as international circuit designs restrict the length of any straight within a circuit to approximately 800-900 metres. Co-covener Robert "Stumpy" Taylor says, "the second track could be Australia’s first ‘Grade 1’ facility and council’s consulting with a wide range of potential users is essential."

No detailed information about the proposed circuit has been announced at this stage. However, stay tuned to Unique Cars for the first word on the latest developments for Mount Panorama’s second circuit.


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