London's no-go zone?

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Proposed 'green' changes could ban classics from the UK capital

London's no-go zone?
News: London's no-go zone?

A 13-square kilometre zone encompassing London’s business district could be banned to classic cars, if proposed legislation from the London Mayor goes through.

The proposal outlines an ambition to have an ‘ultra-low emissions zone’ in place for the region by 2020.

Currently, London’s Low Emissions Zone includes an exemption for historic vehicles; however there is presently no indication as to whether this agreement will be maintained if the more stringent emission control proposal is successful.

Though hard to quantify, the classic car ‘business’ in the UK is said to be worth £4.5 billion (approx. $8.3 billion AUD) and employs around 30,000 people.

Due to enter the consultation stage in 2015, the proposal is seen as a threat to events such as the London to Brighton Veteran car run (which is purported to be the longest-running motoring event in the world, commencing in 1896) and the Regent Street Motor Show.

Additionally, classic car specialist businesses within the zone would be forced to relocate; not to mention moneyed owners with city-based collections. And how will they be able to do this, if trucks can no longer get in to move the offending vehicles?

One thing going for the classic car movement is its relatively small impact on the London environs, when compared to the favoured diesel city cars which contribute the vast majority of the pollution.

This legislation, if passed, could set a precedent for other established cities with congestion issues. Watch this space.



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