News: Dodge Viper cull

By: Scott Murray

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News: Dodge Viper cull News: Dodge Viper cull News: Dodge Viper cull
News: Dodge Viper cull News: Dodge Viper cull News: Dodge Viper cull

Chrysler announces crushing of 93 rare Dodge Vipers...

News: Dodge Viper cull
News: Dodge Viper cull


Dodge Viper Cull

Chrysler Group LLC has announced that vehicles do nated to various educational institutions a decade ago are to be destroyed, as they no longer serve their intended educational purpose.

The American manufacturing giant says its donation agreements include a standard procedure of destroying the vehicles when they are finished with them. "With advancements in automotive technology over the past decade, it is unlikely that these vehicles offer any value to students," a Chrysler spokesperson added.

A 1992 pre-production Viper at South Puget Sound Community college in Olympia, Washington has been a teaching tool for students for seven years. According to the college’s Professor Norm Chapman, the VIN plate says it is the fourth Viper off the Chrysler production line. Chapman was shocked by the announcement.

"They’ve ordered the destruction of their entire educational Viper fleet," he said. "I’m hoping Governor [Jay] Inslee or President [Barak] Obama will [arrange] some sort of pardon like they do for turkeys at Thanksgiving…They can pardon the Viper," he added.

Rumour has it that two cars, which were never approved for road use, were driven on public roads and were crashed and caused liability issues.

Chrysler Group LLC denies the legal claims and states in their media release and public blog that "Chrysler Group has no record of any legal proceedings involving Dodge Viper vehicles donated to educational institutions being involved in accidents and product liability lawsuits."

Former student Stormy Hudson-Renstrom says car enthusiasts who build their own machines grow fond of them, like she has with the Vipers.

"People who are into cars should know that if you get attached to a car, you’ll do anything you can to keep it running," she said. "I was crushed to the point of tearing up. It's heartbreaking." Stormy and another student have started an online petition to save the car from destruction. If the petition fails, some 93 examples of the iconic Mopar supercar will face the crusher.

YouTube footage exists showing some of these Vipers having already been crushed in 1999.

The Operation Save The Vipers petition can be signed at



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