Bolwell Nagari

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Bolwell Nagari reborn. Take a look at the heritage of Bollwell and its new offering...

Bolwell Nagari
Bolwell Nagari 1972


Bolwell Nagari 

In 1962 Campbell Bolwell transformed his hobby of building special sportscars into a business.  Developing hands-on skills in fibreglass moulds and moulding techniques his first commercial model, the Bolwell Mk. 4, sold over 200 units and is testimony to entrepreneurial flair and dedication to a dream.

By the time Bolwell Cars began its diversification into other fibreglass products the five different commercial models they produced - 800 cars in total - had earned Bolwell a unique place in Australia's automotive history.

Take a look at the following footage for a comprehensive look at Bollwell, then and now...


Great Old Nagari footage here



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