Subaru displays boxer sports car architecture

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Subaru has unveiled a technology display of a rear-wheel drive sports car platform at Geneva Motor Show.

Subaru displays boxer sports car architecture
Subaru displays boxer sports car architecture


Subaru at the Geneva Motor Show

The "front-engine, rear-wheel drive" layout offers a low centre of gravity and can be matched with a compact and light weight body, and short wheelbase to produce crisp handling.

The future Subaru model that will feature the architecture will be the only existing front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car powered by a horizontally-opposed engine in the world.

The sports car is expected to be produced in northern spring 2012.

At the heart of the exhibit is Subaru’s Boxer engine. Its light weight, compact size and low centre of gravity equates to driving excitement – an aim of the sports car.

A high level of driving stability and remarkable handling are ensured by use of the Boxer.

In the technology display at Geneva, Subaru’s Boxer engine is set back further towards the centre of the chassis. This would enable a low-profile sports car body and driving position.

Considerable work has gone into the chassis development. Rather than simply developing a frame and body that focuses purely on speed, development has produced a chassis that delivers a sporty driving experience and ride, and stable drivability, offering driver confidence.

The Boxer sports car architecture does not depend solely on engine power output – instead it achieves the fundamental characteristics of a rear-wheel drive sports car, delivering sporty performance and agile response from its short wheelbase.

Subaru’s distinctive suspension setup has been used, incorporating struts at the front, and a double-wishbone layout at the rear, to provide outstanding stability and control.

Short front and rear overhangs reduce any yaw moment of inertia and provide a higher level of stability, control and handling. 

The RWD sports car’s platform technology adds a completely new package to complement Subaru’s existing All-Wheel Drive platform.

Major Specifications of Boxer sports car architecture:

Body size (Overall: Length x Width x Height): 4,200 x 1,770 x 1,270 mm
Wheelbase: 2,570 mm
Engine: 2.0-litre naturally-aspirated four cylinder horizontally-opposed Boxer engine
Tyre size: 215/45R17



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