Lamborghini Countach John Bowe video review

By: John Bowe with Steve Nally, Photography by: Video: Andrew Britten; Stills: Steve Nally

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Low-flying wedge is a stunner

Lamborghini Countach John Bowe video review
Wedge-shaped Lambo Countach is still a stunner, despite its age.

If there was ever a competition to find the world's most dramatic (and perhaps sinister!) car, the Lamborghini Countach would have to be right up there.

The mean-looking wedge-shaped rocket is running a glorious 4.8lt V12, fed by six twin-throat Webers. It delivers serious performance and a great sound. For many of us, these were the first true supercars.

There's no doubt these things are quick, but what really gets your attention is the sense of theatre about the whole thing, from the time you get in!

Just 300 of these first-generation beauties were made and the right-hand-drive numbers would have been miniscule. So what you're seeing here is a very rare beast.

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