AC Aceca Review - Past Blast

By: John Bowe, Unique Cars magazine

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The AC Aceca was always a rare car, and is part of the lineage that lead to the Cobra.


AC Aceca

John Bowe gets to grips with an untra-rare and very desirable classic, an Aceca built by AC. See Unique Cars magazine number 397 for the full feature.

The AC is a close relative of the AC Ace, which in turn was the car that became the basis for the ultra-desirable Cobra, put together and inspired by Carroll Shelby.

While the Aceca shares much of its structure with the Ace, it is nevertheless a quite different car with unique body panels.

Examples like this with the original in-house six-cylinder alloy engine are few and far between and were an expensive car in their day.

This car has an exceptional history which can be traced a long way back and is unusuall in being so original and well cared-for in its life.

While the performance is modest by modern standards, it is nevertheless a thoroughbred from the era and was regarded as a true sports car.


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