Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione track car video with John Bowe - Toybox

By: Andy Enright, John Bowe, Unique Cars magazine, Photography by: Andy Enright, Video by: Andrew Britten

There's only one in the country and we got to play with it

Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione track car video with John Bowe - Toybox
Definitely not your average track toy.

Andy Enright joins John Bowe up at Winton raceway and writes: "I'm currently sitting in a pit garage at Winton looking at the one and only 599XX Evoluzione in Australia, purchased by a lucky collector for an undisclosed amount rumoured to be over $2m. John Bowe's suiting up for a test session in the car and it might be the first time I've ever seen him look a bit apprehensive. ‘I'm not sure who pays for this if it goes pop,"’ he mutters. Editor Guido's careworn corporate Amex certainly isn't going to foot that bill.

"The fastest front-engined Ferrari that's ever rolled from Maranello looks utterly fantastic, even amid the lithe 458 GT3 racers along for the test. Initial cynicism soon gives way to a slightly giddy excitement. This really is a thing, isn't it? A phalanx of techs from Maranello Motorsport swarm all over the thing and it erupts into life. I've made the mistake of standing right next to the exhaust, which exits just behind the rear wheel and it's deafening. You'd certainly have to pick and choose which tracks you could run the car at, as it would peg the noise meters at a few."

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