1986 BMW 333 Review with John Bowe - Video

By: John Bowe with Andy Enright, Photography by: Stuart Grant, Video by: Guy Allen, Andrew Britten

Big engine + small car - it's a popular recipe and works brilliantly for this rare E30 333.

1986 BMW 333 Review  with John Bowe - Video
1986 BMW 333

We recently cut JB loose on a couple of very special South African-built BMWs, including this E30 333. Look for the full story in issue 395 of Unique Cars magazine, out Nov 24, 2016. Here's a preview...

The inline six barely squeaks into the engine bay, and you need to completely dismantle the front end of the car if you need to change the fan belt but it gives the car real character. It makes 194hp and 285Nm of torque at 4300rpm. It sounds fantastic too. You need almost four grand on the clock to make it really come alive, but after that point all hell breaks loose.

It feels genuinely special, even if you didn’t know that BMW South Africa built just 210 of the things, with only 204 offered to the public. The owner reckoned that there are only two in Australia and most people here don’t even know that this car exists. That’s until they hear it coming!

All that power and torque makes the 333i quite throttle-adjustable if you want it sideways, but if you’re neat and tidy at the wheel, you can use it to make great progress.

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