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Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

Holden LC Torana XU-1 - Advertised April 1995

Early XU-1s rarely appear for sale and when they do, values are unlikely to match the more sophisticated and powerful LJ. LCs are still an important car though; an affordable racer that could (and did) win on paved circuits, rally tracks or oval-shaped speedways. Only 1633 of the triple-carb LC were built and not until values began to seriously climb did most owners consider them anything special. This one looks to have been kept in decent condition, as it should when the 1995 asking price was three times the original list of $3148, and hopefully is still hidden away somewhere.

Then: $9500. Now: $120,000-135,000


Lincoln Continental Mark 3 - Advertised January 2007


Ford devised the Continental in 1939 as personal transport for big chief Edsel Ford then kept making them for sale to moneyed members of the multitudes. The Mark 3 was a comeback car of sorts because there hadn’t been a bespoke two-door in the range since the 1950s. It rekindled the archaic curio of a fake spare wheel cover, added a grille that reeked of European opulence then, in Buick Riviera style, hid the headlights. Plenty of Mark 3s came here as new cars but this one is a more recent arrival, probably a bit overpriced for 2007 but certainly worth more than $20K now.

Then: $19,990. Now: $40,000-45,000


Mazda 800 - Advertised July 1999


When the Japanese finally did arrive on Australian shores they were armed only with an array of well-equipped and keenly priced cars. With conflict still fresh in some buyers’ minds there was initial resistance, but the practical and stylish Mazda 800 was hard to ignore when it sold for only a little bit more than the outdated VW Beetle. Very few 800 wagons seem to survive and finding parts would be a worry, however they won’t cost as much as later 1200/1300 versions that are related to Mazda’s R100 rotary coupe and generate big prices.

Then: $3600. Now: $12,000-15,000


Reader's One That Got Away

Renault 12


Renault 12 Not everyone’s favourite car, but I sort of fell in love with Renault 12s as I learned to drive in one. Another was offered to me a few years ago, for next to  nothing...should have snapped it up!


From Unique Cars #467, Jun/Jul 2022


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