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By: Cliff Chambers

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Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

Bolwell Mark 7 - Advertised April 1991

This Bolwell back in the 1990s offered an interesting, albeit expensive, way to go motoring in an Australian car. Around 400 Mark 7s were sold by the Melbourne-based Bolwell Car Company, mostly in kit form for home completion, and every so often one would appear in the market. Some quite likely were never finished, so the number of survivors is difficult to determine. However, the very active Bolwell Owners Club might know. They also have moulds to help repair a damaged Mark 7, so if you own one it is going to be hard to kill. Prices during the past 30 years have doubled, but only just.

Then: $18,500 Now: $40,000-45,000


Chevrolet Impala Sports Coupe - Advertised August 1994


Australia saw ’59 Chevs with their bat-wing fins only as sedans and only with ancient ‘stovebolt’ six-cylinder engines to haul their considerable bulk. This slick Hardtop with its 283 V8 may have come here brand new or been imported later in life but either way it is more desirable and considerably more valuable than a four-door. Looking back to our 1994 Value Charts we found Condition 1 Impala two-doors listed at $20,000, so this resplendent red car was a little under-priced and likely sold for around its advertised price. Since 1994 though, significant gains have been made.

Then: $17,000 Now: $50,000-55,000


Triumph Herald Estate - Advertised April 1998


The Herald didn’t survive long in rough, nasty Australia and we didn’t even see the station wagon version that was sold in Britain and some other places until 1971. This one was likely a personal import from Britain or New Zealand and anyone buying would need to be sceptical of the ‘no rust’ claim. A local Herald enthusiast knows of three wagons that survive in Australia, but this car isn’t among them. Even in Britain the ranks have thinned, yet money being realised by recently restored examples remains below A$10,000.

Then: $2500 Now: $5500-7500


Reader's One That Got Away

Trabant 601


My uncle lived in Albania and owned a fleet of Trabants, He always favored them over the VW Beetle as a simple form of transport that he could easily maintain. Back in 1999 he offered me his best example to bring to Australia. The shipping process seemed way to hard at the time and I passed up on his generous offer. I wish I had it now!

Aron Meyer



From Unique Cars #456, August 2021

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