1951 Holden ute + Chrysler 300 convertible + Peugeot 404 - Ones That Got Away 455

By: Cliff Chambers

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Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

Holden 50-2106 utility - Advertised April 1986

Okay Barn Find fanatics, what would you pay today for an intact, original Holden ute with a tray-load of provenance? $17,500, or maybe $37,500? You would of course need to trek back 35 years to buy this one and then get it aboard a boat where no one was too concerned about the old clunker dropping rust and dribbling oil through the hold. Back in the 1980s there were plenty of unrestored Holdens being offered and you could have secured one like this for less than $1750. Because the ute didn’t arrive until 1950, it also carried a different model designation to the sedan’s 48-215.

Then: 1750. Now: $22,000-30,000


Chrysler 300 convertible - Advertised January 1993


‘I got me a Chrysler, it’s as big as a whale’ is a line from the B52’s Love Shack and looking at this monstrous 300 model they weren’t wrong. Chrysler initially devised its ‘Letter Series’ cars as hemi-engined racing stars but by 1962 they had become overblown family transport with 7.4-litres serving only to keep the front end clamped to the bitumen. Cars like this didn’t come to Australia when new and this one probably arrived during the 1980s. Unless somebody since 1993 lost their senses and had it RHD converted, this car in nice condition should have at least doubled its 1993 asking price.

Then: $24,000. Now: $50,000-55,000


Peugeot 404 wagon - Advertised April 1993


Former UC Editor Nathan Ponchard has a penchant for quirky cars and recently revealed a love of things Peugeot. But he doesn’t have one of these. The 404 Familiale was (I believe) assembled in Melbourne alongside other Peugeots and also the products of arch-rival Renault. Adding to the indignity, both brands were sold in the same showrooms and suffered the same levels of used market distain. Low retained values and costly parts affected the 404’s survival prospects and wagons have become especially scarce. Any that do survive though should be quite affordable.

Then: 3600. Now: 8000-10,000


Reader's One That Got Away - Falcon XY GT


In the 1980s my eldest brother owned a genuine Track Red XY GT. Gee I loved that car and so did he. Unfortunately it was stolen from a shopping centre car park in inner Melbourne never to be seen again. To this day we really regret that someone "got away" with it!

Fince Samson - Glen Iris, VIC


From Unique Cars #455, July 2021

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