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By: Cliff Chambers

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Toyota Sprinter AE86 - Advertised April 2003

If you followed rallying during the 1980s you will remember the Toyota Sprinter. Two-wheel driven in a game rapidly being overrun by AWD Subarus and Mazdas, the two-door Toyota responded by going everywhere at impossible angles and astronomical engine speeds. Those abilities haven’t been lost on people who want to get sideways and stay that way in drifting contests, so Sprinters in various forms including the twin-cam Trueno are keenly sought. Local cars came with a basic 1.6 engine, but values have still been soaring since the late Noughties.

Then: $4950. Now: $30,000-35,000


Rambler Classic wagon - August 1994


Rambler’s Classic was by 1965 within sight of oblivion, but management still found enough money for a restyle. During the year that followed, around 32,000 of the Classic wagon were sold to the world, including a few dozen that arrived here for assembly by AMI. More successful were V8 Classic sedans that served as front-line police traffic cars and have survived in reasonable numbers. Not so the wagons which were impossible to now find locally but in overseas markets were being sold at healthy prices. This one would certainly haven been worth a punt back in 1994.

Then: $8950. Now: $25,000-30,000


Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 3 - Advertised December 1996


What a difference a couple of lights can make to the value of a Rolls-Royce. The Silver Cloud is considered by many to be the definitive Rolls-Royce shape and four-headlight Cloud 3s as the ultimate expression of that design. Governors and Governors General were often seen being chauffeured in a Cloud and Her Majesty only recently updated her official limousine from a long-serving Phantom VI. Value growth during the past 25 years has been subdued and we commoners can still enjoy the grandeur of an SC3 for under $100,000.

Then: $55,000. Now: $85,000-90,000


Reader's One That Got Away: 

Jaguar XK 140



As a young apprentice I used to ride from Kelmscott to Osborne Park, back in 1972. In a Maddington car yard I spotted an XK 140 coupe in Burgundy, for $1400. I needed a guarantor for a loan, when I asked my Dad, he said I was crazy. "You will drive it for 6 months and then it will be up on jacks waiting for spare parts." Hindsight tells me, I should have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.
Richard - Guangzhou, China


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