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By: Guy Allen

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It's all about how it makes you feel

This is up for wild interpretation, but what was the best fun for your buck that you ever got out of a car?

For me, it’s definitely up for debate and could be argued in several different directions. But in the final analysis, I reckon our 1976 BMW 633 gets the gong. Back in 2014, it cost the princely sum of $7500.

Actually that was a bit of a sad story. The car was collateral damage in a divorce and the gent selling it was not in the least bit happy. I could tell by the the way he stood on the footpath, becoming an ever-more dejected-looking figure in the rear view mirror as we drove away. Though I paid full freight, it still felt like I’d stolen it from him.

While my previous 635 ate my wallet a few times, this by way of contrast has had very modest demands: fresh seat covers, new shocks and a replacment cooling fan for the engine. Nothing big.

And best of all, we’ve got out there and used it. It was long a favourite as the getaway pod, to the point where partner Ms M Snr would refer to it as "the holiday car". That’s a good way to be thought of isn’t it?

Probably the highlight of its recent career was the Targa Tas Classic Rallye in 2018 (top photo), where mug punters like us got to play on the Targa course for several days without the pressure of actually having to be fast.

Back when new, it would have been hideously expensive – four or five times the cost of a family Falcon – and driving it was a statement. I bought it when values hit rock bottom, though they seem to have risen a little since then. But it wasn’t about capital gain. Frankly I’m pleasantly surprised if I can walk away from the ownership of any vehicle without copping major financial scars.

I must confess to having developed a real affection for this thing. It’s not quick, but gets along okay while handling and stopping acceptably. It’s a car I actually trust when it comes to belting through a set of turns.

And, let’s be honest, it does the most important thing, which is make the driver feel good. Going for a run feels like a bit of an occasion. That’ll do, won’t it?


From Unique Cars #453, May 2021

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