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Aston Martin DB4 - Advertised May 1996

Yes, with those faired-in lights this Aston looks like a DB5, but it isn’t. Not, mind you, that a final edition, Vantage-engined DB4 is anything less than ultra-desirable. These were the Astons that built the brand, with tubular ‘Superleggera’ body framing, straight six, 4.0-litre engines with more power than Jaguar made from its larger 4.2 and the cachet of Mr Bond lounging behind the wheel. They were expensive though and just a handful of DB4s and 5s were sold new in Australia, making this car with local history more desirable and a bit more valuable than recent imports.

Then: $115,000. Now: $875,000-950,000

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Ford Fairlane Compact Ranch Wagon - Advertised April 1998


Somebody must have spent a few days on the Silly Sauce before believing a market still reeling from recession would pay $25k for a Ranch (aka Range) Wagon. Eight-seat versions of Ford’s ‘compact’ V8 weren’t officially sold in Australia, however some found their way here as dealer imports and the RHD conversion was super easy. Haven’t seen a lot of these in the recent market (precisely none in fact) but Compact sedans are doing well. Even in the USA, Compact wagons are scarce and recent sales confirm that the money payable for one like this will have improved considerably.

Then: $25,000. Now: $35,000-40,000


Morris Minor Traveller - Advertised May 1988


Oh yes, if you attach some timber framing and a set of barn doors, while making sure there is no dry rot or woodworm, the humble Morrie Minor quickly becomes a desirable and quite costly collectible. Shannon’s Auctions late last year sold a very presentable example for more than $25k and vendors in New Zealand – where Travellers once existed in droves – have recently but unsuccessfully sought NZ$40-50,000 for a 1959 model. This one from 34 years ago looks in fine fettle and hopefully might have stayed in Canberra where the climate is kind to older vehicles.

Then: $7000. Now: $25,000-30,000


Daimler Sovereign V12 coupe - Advertised December 2002


One of the most elegant and certainly least common 1970s Daimlers is the Double Six (V12) coupe. These were built between 1975-77, with production totalling just 407 cars. Values over many years remained defiantly low and some UK deliveries had their viability destroyed after being rudely reborn as convertibles. Local survivors are expectedly rare; however, we didn’t expect the UK market to be almost bereft of excellent vehicles. One sold a few years back at the local equivalent of $65,000 and showed the direction in which these striking cars were headed.

Then: 16,500. Now: $45,000-50,000


From Unique Cars #452, April 2021

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