Porsche 356A + Chrysler VF VIP + MG TF - Ones That Got Away 451

By: Cliff Chambers

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Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

Porsche 356A coupe - Advertised September 2006

The time has surely come for anyone who bought a 356 Porsche during the early years of this century to indulge in some self-congratulation. Since that time, when a 356A in restored condition barely exceeded 50 Grand, prices for early Porsches on the global market have gone into meltdown. TV news viewers might have been bewildered by a rust-ridden 356 hardtop that sold recently for more than $200K but it wasn’t this model. More relevant when comparing our ad car would be the 356 Coupes of similar and age and condition being knocked down overseas at US165-200,000.

Then: $53,000. Now: $250,000-280,000


Chrysler VF VIP - Advertised November 2003


For a long time, Valiant derivates like this VIP looked unlikely to generate any significant price growth. Then, around 15 years ago, came the boom that sent local cars with performance credentials soaring and helped stimulate demand for related models. Gradually the train began to move and VIPs were no longer being scrapped, however not many had managed to survive and those that reach the market now aren’t always in great condition. However, with local auction houses clamouring to set new records, VIP sales in the vicinity of $35,000 have become possible.

Then: $10,000. Now: $32,000-35,000


MG TF - Advertised April 1986


Back before old cars came to hold a place in so many lives, T Series MGs were among the few that would turn heads and spark unsolicited conversations. Drive a car like this back in the 1980s and modern vehicles would crawl alongside just so the kids could stare and wave at the intrepid occupants of a slow but sexy MG. The average price of a TF in 1986 was around $15,000, so this one was priced to sell. Today, in a world where TFs are hardly ever seen in the Saturday suburban traffic, prices have climbed significantly.

Then: $14,900. Now: $40,000-45,000 


Reader's One That Got Away:
Lotus Europa


Every month I would attend my local car club meeting at a well known South Melbourne drinking hole. One of the homes tucked behind the pub had a Lotus Europa out front, it had clearly not moved for years. I always wanted to build the courage to knock on the door and make an offer but unfortunately I let it get away and it suddenly disappeared one day.
Peter Fredman - via email



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