Datsun 200B SSS + Ford V8 coupe + De Tomaso Pantera - Ones That Got Away 451

By: Cliff Chambers

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Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

Datsun 200B SSS - Advertised October 1993

Come on down, grab this week’s $2995 special and drive away in a rare but interesting two-door from Datsun. The 200B SSS suffered some styling ‘issues’ which meant that not many were sold and nobody wanted the ones that had been. Values tumbled from a hefty $9100 when new to less than $3K in 1993 but this one with its 260Z wheels and air-con was a bit of a bargain at the price. Today, of course, all is forgiven and any SSS in decent condition that reaches the market is going to be worth at $10,000, with cars like this at least double that amount.

Then: $2995. Now: $20,000-24,000


Ford V8 coupe 1934 - December 1987


Early Ford V8s were built in huge numbers yet so few remain in factory condition that they command significant money. Back in 1987, the $24,000 being sought for this Five Window coupe would have bought an XW GT Falcon in excellent order but there still would have been plenty of interest in the older car. High numbers of surviving coupes have been modified into street rods which have a market of their own. That leaves a minority of authentic cars to satisfy the demands of a growing global market which has plenty of money to spend on older Fords.

Then: $24,000. Now: $90,000-100,000


Buick Electra coupe - Advertised October 1991


Can you call the product of an early-1960s US car factory ‘pretty’? If so, then this Buick with its slim pillars and curves in all the right places warrants that description. Judged by its early Queensland numberplate, this luxurious Electra two-door would have been in this country since new and seems to have survived those 30 years in pristine condition. The money being asked was high, especially in the depressed 1990s car market, but even if the buyer did offer close to the advertised price there were still gains to be made. A similar car was advertised recently at $42,000.

Then: $16,000. Now: $30,000-35,000


De Tomaso Pantera - Advertised January 1993


Sometimes described as ‘the supercar you can take to the shops’, De Tomaso’s Pantera was designed for sale through Ford’s Lincoln-Mercury dealer network, with a 351 V8 that any yokel mechanic could service. What happened to spike this grand plan was an unexpected oil embargo that clobbered demand for cars like the Pantera and sent projected sales targets tumbling. A few early cars like this one made their way to Australia and for a long time remained affordable. Today, however, $200,000 isn’t outrageous money for one in exceptional condition.

Then: $75,000. Now: $165,000-180,000


From Unique Cars #451, March 2021



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