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1976 Holden Torana LX SS - October 2009

Who knew the humble LX SS hatch would reach the sort of prices enjoyed by early M3s? We managed to find one of these as our cover car this issue and there’s no question they’ve done well for owners over recent years. Back in 2009, $35k would have seemed a big call, but if it had been restored as described in the ad, it would in fact have been very solid value. Having the 308 and four-speed manual was a real bonus and would make it very desirable these days. And we like the fact the owner resisted the temptation to turn it into an A9X replica!

Was: $35,000. Now: $85,000-95,000


1985 HDT VK SS Group 3 - October 2010


What a difference a few letters make. If we’re talking one of the 500 Group A Blue Meanies, think a quarter of a mill for a good example, but half or less for the equivelant SS or Group 3. This is one of those situations where it pays to join a club before you hand over the readies, so you can get on top of the myriad variants and models that came out of the often chaotic HDT enterprise. In any case, this car was being sold just as the local market was taking a bit of a nose-dive and helps to explain the modest price.

Was: $22,000. Now: $90,000-110,000


1975 Valiant VK Charger - Advertised August 2009


Another car that was being sold in a really tough market that probably deserved better. This is a tricky one to value accurately thanks to the oddball spec. There’s no doubt the 360 V8 makes it desirable, even if a lot of Charger fans would argue (with good reason) that the top-line sixes were better. In any case, a lot of these cars tend to be a undervalued compared to what else is in the market and still represent good buying. Plus, we reckon it’s one of the best shapes ever developed in this country.

Was: $23,900. Now: $60,000-70,000



Reader's One That Got Away:

1962 Chevrolet Impala


My neighbour owned a ‘62 Impala for twenty five years and, as teenagers in the 90s, we would adore that candy apple red Chev parked out front of his home.

He eventually got too old and stopped driving and the car was sold by his kids. I would love to own that car today and still wonder what ever happened to it..

Tim Penway - Bankstown, NSW


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