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1998 Subaru Impreza STI 22B - Advertised January 2014

Yes, this is the AWD Subaru everyone wants. The hi-po version closely associated with the legendary Colin McCrae as an homologation car was made in tiny numbers – just 424 – and the hysteria has shown no sign of abating over the years. Just to confuse things, there were three prototypes all nunbered 000 and they’re worth a fortune, with rumours of half a mil being bandied around at some stage. Owners of good examples (ironically most of them have been babied all their lives) are now asking on the high side of $130k, so this example would have been a good investment.

Was: $52,500. Now: $130,000-170,000

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1993 Ford Falcon EB XR8 - January 2007

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In a story colourfully entitled Teaching the Elephant to Tap Dance, Wheels magazine some years back did a retro piece on how important the EB was to the future of Ford Australia and the Falcon lineage. Most of the $46 million budget was spent on engineering, to the extent that its transformation was likened to what RTS did for Holden around 15 years before. In any case XR8s from this series are starting to find a willing audience of restorers and collectors.

Was: $6500. Now $10,000-15,000


1985 Holden VK Commodore Berlina - Advertised February 2010

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What is it about ex-cop cars that makes otherwise normal people go a bit wobbly at the knees and has them brandishing their wallet? We’re not so sure about the wheels on this one, but the lurid yellow plumage has a cult following, while the V8 and four-speed manual combo is right up there in the desirability stakes. People have been restoring these things for years now and condition is absolutely critical to the price, as some parts have become very expensive and even basics like paint can cost a fortune to do these days. If you find one hidden under a sheet in the back shed, look after it!

Was: $13,500. Now: $25,000-35,000


1973 Holden HQ Monaro GTS - Advertised November 2008

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\gotaways\holden-hq-gts.jpg

Okay, so if you say "Monaro" everyone immediately conjures up an image of the two-door. However by the time the HQ rolled along, four-door GTS versions were a very popular alternative and could be had in a number of configurations. This 253 manual would be a nice combo and those colours leave you in no doubt that this is a true child of the seventies. A fair few have been restored back to original, at considerable cost and if you got a good one in our price range, you’d be doing okay.

Now: $25,900. Now: $70,000-80,000


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