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1975 Porsche 911 S - Advertised May 2011

You could be forgiven for thinking our current price estimate is a misprint, but it’s not. For reasons that remain a complete mystery, about five years ago prices for air-cooled Porsches went absolutely nuts. The change was rapid and, though the market has since softened off a little, the numbers have stayed up there in the stratosphere. Even formerly humble models got caught up in the hysteria. Of course there were some startled and nevertheless very pleased owners who cashed in, literally laughing all the way to the bank. Prices now are a little volatile, but bargains are few and far between.

Was: $19,999. Now: $100,000+


1977 Ford Falcon XC ute - Advertised February 2011

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So, given around $30k to spend, what would you rather have – a brand new ute that’s probably got all the whistles and bells, or something that’s over 40 years old? A no-brainer, isn’t it. Something like this XC will handle a reasonable amount of work and will still be worth something, years down the track if or when you get tired of it. A V8 manual sounds pretty good to us. It will be thirsty, but other running costs will be minimal and they’re a dead easy thing to look after. While the sedans are getting pricey, nice utes can still be found for halfway sensible money.

Was: $9500. Now: $25,000-30,000


1975 Holden HJ Sandman - Advertised December 2013

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\gotaways\holden-hj-sandman.jpg

In case you’re wondering, that super-wide price range we’ve quoted is a reflection of how big a role condition plays. About 40k is right for a solid project. Essentially a tradie’s transport that was tarted up for the surfer crowd, Sandman vans have become valuable property, particularly if they’re the real thing and not a tribute (do your research) and they’re in top order. Pretty well all of them will have been restored at some stage. Looking at the ad, you’ll see someone with economy in mind fitted the thing out for LPG, which these days puts a major dent in the value.

Was: $13,000. Now: $40,000-90,000


Reader's One That Got Away:

Mazda RX-7 Series 1

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 441\gotaways\mazda-rx7.jpg

Back in the 1990s I tagged along with my brother to inspect a fleet of used Series 1-3, RX-7s at a well-known Melbourne Mazda specialist. Most of the cars retained their original paint and had rebuilt motors for around $6k. He ended up purchasing a Holden TG Gemini but I think now about all the great cars we overlooked in that era!

Vlad Ivanovic
Keilor, Vic


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