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Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

HSV VL Walkinshaw - Advertised September 2004

Let’s see, premium Aussie muscle car, abundantly clear racing connection, wild looks, V8 and a limited limited edition. Yep, it ticks all the boxes. Just 750 of these cars were produced and there are a few tributes wandering around as well. While a lot of HSV cars are arguably undervalued in the market at the moment, the VL Walkinshaw has always had a solid following. If you’d picked this up 16 years ago and had driven it sparingly and cared for it, you might be feeling just a little pleased with yourself that it’s more or less quadrupled in value.

Was: $32,500. Now: $120,000-140,000


Chrysler Galant - Advertised December 2008

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If you stood in the middle of any public place and demanded to be sold a two-door Galant, believe me, you wouldn’t get knocked down in the rush. There are still a few Galants of this era in the market, but they tend mostly to be four-door sedans and the odd wagon. Coupes of this era just weren’t a big seller. (Now watch half a dozen come out of the woodwork!) Seventies coupes from Japan are hot and a good one of these is probably worth double the price of a sedan. Presentation would be everything if you wanted top dollar. Okay, so who out there has one? Drop us a line at uniquecars@bauertrader.com.au.

Was: $2490. Now: $8,000-12,000


Ford Landau coupe - Advertised June 2011

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 440\gotaways\ford-landau.jpg

This is the source of numerous raucous debates among the Unique Cars crew, with both haters and lovers of the Ford Landau on the team. Ford Australia’s swing at a pukka high end luxury coupe was imposing enough, but used values plummeted over the years. Then, with the rise of demand for its hardtop Falcon cousin, people started to take a second look. A poor one will cost a bomb to restore. You won’t see many on the market as they weren’t exactly a hit when new. Our sales data saw them hitting some pretty solid numbers over the last year or so.

Was: $35,000. Now: $70,000-80,000


Reader's One That Got Away:

DeLorean DMC-12
Jimmy Hanson
Sofala, NSW

R:\Web\WebTeam\Mary\Motoring\UC 440\gotaways\delorean.jpg

I’m a man of the 80s and I had my chance to purchase a low mileage DeLorean that had supposedly been purchased new and stashed in an enclosed building. They wanted USD$12K which I thought was ridiculous money in 2003. Who would have thought prices would have skyrocketed to this level. I need a time machine!


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