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By: Guy Allen

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Why have self control when there's storage?

If things go the way I suspect they will, we’re finally going to have to make a responsible and adult decision. I’m really not equipped to do that.

Like many before us, the household has become victim to having far too much enthusiasm and far too little self control, so there is an appalling number of motorcycles and cars infesting the place and now we really have run out of space. Or are about to.

Just the other week, I was chatting with a couple of classic nuts (never wise) and became aware that a car I’ve long wanted to get my hands on may be coming up at a very reasonable price. I won’t confess to what it is just yet, but will admit to it having a V12 – which kinda narrows the field. Now in isolation, buying it is a bloody wonderful idea. The best we’ve ever had. And in case you’re wondering, partner Ms M is enthusiastically on board which in reality makes the situation worse.

Here’s the thing, bringing home the giant land yacht of a Benz we bought recently (I blame our resident wheeler dealer Uncle Phil) has already led to one major rationalisation. It meant passing on the C10 work truck to young Alex, who loves it. That really only cleared some congestion in the front yard.

Then the garage space had to be completely re-arranged, a project which took the best part of of two days. As a result, muggins is probably a black belt in Tetris.

It was at that point we firmly promised ‘no more sodding cars’, slammed shut the wallet and went inside for a drink.  Then the V12 raised its snout over the horizon.

There is a little bit of hope, as the car is currently being checked over by a mechanic and I may be told not to buy it. That would be the best result. However if it’s okay we will buy it, which begs the question of do we finally admit defeat and rent storage space – which feels a bit mad – or let go one of the other toys? At risk of sounding like I’m six years of age, I like the other toys and you can’t have them.

For example, the mighty Kingswood is a family heirloom and is going nowhere, we only just got the Benz and I’m quite fond of it, the Soarer is unfinished business and not worth selling, the 633 is a bit of a favourite, too, and Ms M loves the 540. Oh, and the Commodore wagon isn’t yet finished.

You can see the problem. Perhaps my biggest fear is that once I start renting storage, or go completely nuts and buy an extra shed, it’s the beginning of a long and slippery slope. It will end with my death notice in the form of a web story about the crazy old coot who died with far more cars than he could ever drive...still, there are worse ways to be remembered!

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