Alfa Romeo GTV2000 + Falcon XB GT + Commodore VN SS - Ones That Got Away 440

By: Cliff Chambers

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alfa romeo gtv 2000 alfa romeo gtv 2000

Cliff Chambers looks back through the Unique Cars classifieds

Alfa Romeo GTV2000 - Advertised August 2004

There’s no question Alfa Romeo during the sixties and early seventies was producing some very elegant cars with loads of character. And more than a  few challenges for restorers, particularly if they’d been sitting somewhere damp! Still, a good one is a delight to drive and early seventies cars like this command a serious premium on prices over allegedly more developed cars from later the same decade. And we’re not talking small margins – more like a 40 per cent premium!

Was: $15,000. Now: $50,000-60,000


Ford Falcon XB GT - Advertised March 2014

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If ever you feel like getting in for an exciting ride, go buy a premium Aussie muscle car somewhere near the top of the market and then hang on to your helmet! We saw some wild swings with the global financial crisis a decade ago and the immediate future is a little uncertain. That said, in 2019 the market had already settled down substantially from the crazy highs of late 2018, and there is always a buyer or two out there for the right car. An XB GT was selling for an average of around the 80k mark a year ago and we might just see that hold.

Was: $36,000. Now: $75,000-85,000


Holden Commodore VN SS - Advertised January 2010

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Who would have thought the humble VN would become a collector item – or that we’d live that long? The VN SS has really only got on the collector radar in the last couple of years and there are indications even the sellers are deeply confused over what they can ask. We’re seeing examples advertised from mid teens for a rough one, all the way through to over $60k! In any case they’re definitely worth looking after and their star is likely to continue to rise over the long term, even if the current economic siuation means the market is a little soft. And in case you were wondering, Atlas Grey is the colour to have, apparently.

Was: $10,990. Now: $30,000-40,000


Holden HJ Kingswood wagon - Advertised March 2011

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There was a time when the good old Aussie wagon was used as the family truckster by the first couple of owners, then it fell into the hands of a tradie as a cheap way of hauling paint tins, ladders, power tools, timber, welding gear, whatever. Then it got worked to death, literally and unceremoniously hauled off to the tip. For a couple of decades it was almost a law of nature. Now there are plenty of people who want to buy back some happy childhood memories and for some that includes an Aussie wagon.

Was: $6500. Now: $25,000-30,000


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