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Mitsubishi Sigma Turbo - June 1990

In 1982 everyone was grumbling about fuel costs and local car-makers that had V8s were getting ready to ditch them. Finding a new, locally-made performance car was going to become hard but then along came Mitsubishi with an attention-grabbing Sigma Turbo. With 115kW and loads of lag the Turbo wasn’t a practical thing for Aussie commuting but still fun to play with. 500 of them sold pretty quickly and quite a few survive. Brand new this car would have cost $13,750 and managing even half that money as a recession unfolded would have been a tall task. Now, not so much.

Was: $7750. Now: 13,000-16,000


Maserati Mexico - February 2003


When nominating, as car-mad 1960s kids were prone to do, your favourite Maserati, the Mexico was rarely asked to vacate its spot on the Reserves bench.

Basically a Quattroporte with two doors, the Mexico was designed for a conservative market. But why buy a Maser if you wanted it to blend with the traffic? As a result just 485 were sold during seven years, with a handful of RHD cars making it to Australia. The world market still sees them as ‘niche’ rather than ‘nice’ and a fully-restored example was offered at US$125,000. Another car, similar to this one, appeared locally at more than $250,000.

Was: $45,000. Now: $200,000-225,000



Lincoln Premier - September 1992


To the Bat-Wreck Robin! Yes, if you stare hard at this mid-1950s Lincoln you can indeed visualise within its the shape the car that in the hands of customiser George Barris would become the immortal Batmobile. The original Premier was built as a ‘concept’ car with plexiglass top and no doors; however, the production body was all-steel with two or four doors. Premiers weren’t sold new in Australia, however, a few arrived as personal and dealer imports and this one managed to avoid RHD conversion. Hopefully it survives in original form.

Was: $8900. Now: $35,000-40,000


Reader's One That Got Away

Ford 'Tank' Fairlane

ford-tank-fairlane.jpgMy local milkbar had a grey over white Aussie "Tank" Fairlane parked out the back for years. I always envied those glowing dinner plate size taillights as it cruised past my girlfriend’s house at night. The milkbar has now shut down and the Fairlane is long gone, I dream of that car to this day, I wonder what its fate was?

Antonio Dimasio
Sunnybank, QLD


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