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By: Cliff Chambers

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Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

PORSCHE 914 - Advertised June 1993

A Porsche for the price of an MGB? Impossible. Well no it isn’t providing you’re willing to accept some shortcomings and continually answer the question ‘what’s that?’  The 914 and companion six-cylinder 916 were never sold officially in Australia and it seems that almost all of them went to North America where they caused considerable after-sales grief for local agents.  The few in Australia will be personal or dealer imports, often still LHD. Despite scarcity, the money made by 914s during the past 25 years hasn’t gone close to matching gains made by early 911s.

Was: $9800. Now: $40,000-45,000


CHRYSLER VG REGAL V8 HARDTOP - Advertised May 2004


When buying a collector car the best advice is to buy top-spec, in a good colour and outstanding condition. This Regal ticks all the boxes and it’s hardly surprising that within 15 years its value has trebled. Total production of VG-Series Valiants was around 46,000, however there seems to be no verifiable data on the number of Hardtop bodies assembled. Fewer than 5000 is a reasonable estimate with under 1000 of those being V8 Regals. Based on a US-sourced Dodge Dart, the Hardtop is easy to maintain and restore using imported parts so we’re confident that this car may still exist.

Was: 14,000. Now: $38,000-42,000


FORD XM FALCON V8 - Advertised January 1996


If Australia had followed the way of the USA or even in the footsteps of Sydney-based Ford modifier Bill Warner, we could have been driving V8 Falcons like this in 1964. Scared of political pressure, Ford kept the XM as a six-cylinder but couldn’t stop private owners slotting V8s into their Aussie Falcons. XM V8 Hardtops survive in fairly robust numbers and we hope this distinctive car with its leather interior might be among them. If not and you want an older Ford that will run away from other XMs, keep $40K available and your eyes glued to each new edition of Unique Cars.

Was: 9500. Now: $35,000-40,000


Reader's One That Got Away:



I’m still kicking myself that I let this car get away approximately two years ago. It was an Absynth yellow or "canary yellow" ex-Victoria police VK chaser, 5.0L manual for $18K. It was totally original and had fresh paint after a 10 year hibernation. Look at the asking prices now.

Donald Martin - Greensborough, VIC


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