Ford Laser Turbo + Alfa Romeo Giulia SS + Honda NSX + Ferrari Daytona - Ones That Got Away 434

By: Cliff Chambers

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ford laser turbo ford laser turbo

Cliff Chambers looks back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

Ford Laser Turbo - Advertised November 1992

Ford built fewer of these ‘White LIghtning’ Lasers than it did GT-HO Phase 3 Falcons, however scarcity is never a guarantee of future value. A flurry of internet forum activity occurring a decade ago confirmed that several cars had survived and even enticed a couple more out of hiding. No idea if this car was amongst them. There was also an unconfirmed assertion that only 215 of the planned 300 Lightning Lasers were sold. Pricing one in a market where none have publicly sold for some time is tough, however we suspect a Lightning in preserved condition might have made a little money.

Then: $8995. Now: $10,000-12,000

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Alfa Romeo Giulia SS - Advertised November 1993


Seeing a car similar to this offered recently at almost $200,000 prompted a closer look at the market for one of the oddest-looking Alfas ever made. The Sprint Speciale was the work of Bertone but looked nothing like other Alfa Romeo shapes penned by the studio. Inspiration came from the company’s BAT series of UFO-inspired projects and was certainly regarded as ‘out of this world’ by Alfa buyers. Just 1366 of the 1.3-litre and 1400 cars with 1.6 engines were sold from 1959-66 and they have taken  a long time to reach the money they command today.

| Then: $48,000. Now: $175,000-195,000


Ferrari Daytona - Advertised February 2003


One of the most striking front-engined Ferraris of all time wasn’t officially called ‘Daytona’. That was a nickname devised by someone in the media and it stuck. Only a few were built to race, achieving a Le Mans 5th place outright plus various class wins and a 2nd outright at the Daytona 24 Hour race. The vast majority (1278 coupes and 121 Spyders)  were built as road cars and sold to people who just wanted to cruise about looking fortunate. Values which soared after the 2008 Global Financial Crisis have endured a bumpy ride of late but a  car like this will likely have trebled its 2003 price.

| Then: $325,000. Now: $825,000-875,000



Honda NSX - Advertised May 2005  


Honda went out on a limb and way outside its corporate comfort zone to build the NSX. The car never looked quite right – especially when parked alongside a rival from Ferrari – and that V6 was out of its depth, even against  the less-expensive Porsche Carrera S. Despite having virtually no kilometres on the clock, this 1994 model was selling at less than a third of new car price and struggling even at that level to snare a buyer. Improved demand during recent years has helped double the NSX’s 2005 price but still falls short of recovering the original cost.

Then: $87,500. Now: $130,000-150,000

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