Plymouth Satellite Sebring + Fairlane Wagon + Jaguar C-Type Replica - Ones That Got Away 433

By: Cliff Chambers

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plymouth satellite sebring plymouth satellite sebring

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1972 Plymouth Satellite Sebring - Advertised February 2003

Here we are again, staring at another insanely under-priced Mopar and wondering how. After scouring the bookshelves for a 2003 US pricing guide we can report the ‘homeland’ price back then for a Condition 3 Sebring V8 with the ‘440’ upgrade was US$8000-10,000. After currency adjustments, freight and associated costs and BEFORE doing the RHD conversion the likely landed cost of a car in this condition would be A$20-25K. So how you sell one for $16K plus change? Whoever bought this Satellite hopefully enjoyed their good fortune for some time before cashing out.

Was: $16,450. Now: $50,000-55,000


Ford Fairlane Wagon - Advertised November 1993


Back in 1993 a brand new Toyota Tarago GLi cost $39,915, would seat eight and with 2.4 litres wouldn’t pull the skin off the proverbial rice pudding. Here for the insignificant sum of $8500 was a version of the Fairlane not officially sold in Australia but built in right-hand drive, also with eight seats plus a V8 that would fling the Fairlane and its crowd of occupants up almost any hill without a deep breath. Plus you got the roof-rack and set of Globe alloys. These were never a common car in Australia and hopefully this one has managed to survive.

Was: $8500. Now: $20,000-25,000


Jaguar C Type replica - Advertised February 1990


Official records show that Jaguar built 53 C Types but  thanks to people who have made lots of high-quality replicas, the world now plays host to many more. Workshops in Australia and New Zealand have contributed some outstanding cars, as have UK suppliers including Proteus. More than 40 years after building their first C Type they continue to supply cars, but now at prices of around A$350,000. Earlier versions like this one cost less.  Australia once was home to several genuine C Types however any that appear at a display day or historic race event will most likely be replicas.

Was: $109,000. Now: $180,000-225,000


Fiat 131 Supermirafiori - Advertised September 1992


Four hundred Fiat 131s were built as Abarths to qualify for European rally events and survivors can today make $300,000. Not surprisingly the market for replicas is frenetic and very few of the basic 2-litre Supermirafiori remain in untouched condition. Even allowing for the 1990s recession which savaged local sales, this car at under $10,000 looks to be a massive bargain and quite likely was  snapped up by an overseas buyer. A two-door Rallye replica did sell locally several years ago however even when scouring Europe last month we could find only one car in similar condition.

Was: $9500. Now: $25,000-30,000


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