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By: Cliff Chambers

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FORD XD FALCON 351 S-PACK - Advertised December 2010

A couple of decades ago, every car-yard that claimed to specialise in ‘Performance’ would have a four-speed XD V8 scattered somewhere among its stock.

Most that came with extra lights and sunvisor would originally have been police issue and suffered hard lives. However not many Highway Patrol Falcons came with a sunroof and none would be offered for sale 31 years later by their original owner. And for those who looked at XD V8s in 2010 and dismissed them as ‘plastic Falcons’, check out the movement in value. Whoever snapped this up at $12K would be pleased.

Was: $12,000. Now: $30,000-35,000


FIAT 2300 WAGON - Advertised February 1999


Fiat over the years has been aligned with the market for small, cheap cars so this big 2300 isn’t typical of the brand. The sedan sold well in Australia, perhaps because it allowed migrants from Fiat’s homeland to own a family-sized model without it being a Holden, Falcon or Valiant. The wagon was far less common than the sedan and some parts by 1999 would have become difficult to find. A tour of European sales sites revealed one lovely looking ‘Familiale’ sold in 2013 for unspecified money and a local car, said to be fully restored, offered recently at almost $30,000.

Was: $2900. Now: $20,000-25,000


NISSAN SKYLINE HR31 TURBO - Advertised July 1997


Back when touring car racing was open to almost any kind of car, turbocharged Nissan Hardtops battled against Fords, BMWs, Holdens and others and no one was keen to predict a winner. Nissan sold four-door HR31 Skylines in Australia but two-doors like this arrived predominantly as private imports under the Low Volume provisions that existed during the 1990s. Turbocharged 2.0-litre Hardtops were popular but attrition rates are high and values haven’t moved at the same rate as earlier Skylines. Some have survived long enough though to earn their ‘Historic’ registration.

Was: $15,500. Now: $22,000-26,000



Reader's One That Got Away:

Holden 48-215
Bernie james - COOMA, NSW


I never really cared for the Humpy. In fact I have probably knocked back a  dozen of them over the years for next to nothing. As the years go by I suddenly have a new found love and desire to own this Aussie first. I just wish they cost £675 like the old days.



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