Alfa Romeo Spider + Audi Avant + El Camino + Holden HR - Ones That Got Away 430

By: Cliff Chambers

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alfa romeo spider alfa romeo spider

Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider - Advertised September 2009

Sometimes the way the market moves (or fails to) is bewildering. While 105 Series Alfa coupes of similar age have rushed beyond $70,000 only the very best Spiders from the same age range will better  $50,000. Local Spider sales ended in 1978 so this would be one of the last Australian-spec cars and among the lucky ones. Later versions imported from Europe or the USA come with rust issues and ugly oversized bumpers. Hopefully the  money spent by this vendor was on body maintenance, helping keep the brown Spider intact while making some money for its buyer.

Was $23,000. Now: $33,000-36,000



1964 Chevrolet EL Camino - Advertised August 2000


The El Camino got canned in 1961 but returned in 1964; smaller and sportier than before. Previous models were based on full-sized Chevrolets but from 1964 El Caminos used a Chevelle platform. Very few early El Caminos came to Australia as new cars and this one is very likely a later arrival. The ‘350’ V8 might is also a later addition; fitted in place of the original engine which most likely was a 4.6-litre ‘283’. Mid-1960s El Caminos still appear frequently in the used-car listings and values have increased steadily. However they aren’t likely to match booming demand for later ‘SS396’ versions.

Was: $12,000. Now: $27,000-30,000

| 2019 Market Review: Chevelle/Nova/El Camino 1964-78 


Audi Avant - Advertised February 1999


If you own the last of Holden’s Commodore Sportwagons then thank Audi and its amazing Avant. Based on the low-drag 100CD sedan, the Avant looked way too bulky for its 2.3-litre, five-cylinder engine but performance, unless you really loaded the Audi up was very good. Most local deliveries were five-seaters with a massive ‘sub boot’ that when lined with ice made an excellent drinks cooler. Parts aren’t common so most of the Avants are gone yet values aren’t affected by scarcity and a car like this is unlikely to generate the money being sought 20 years ago.

Was $10,800. Now: $7,000-8500


Holden HR 186S four-speed - Advertised June 2005


Forget your RPO Falcons and A9X Hatchbacks, right here is one of the rarest Australian cars you will ever see. Holden in preparation for the arrival of its HK range acquired four-speed manual gearboxes from Opel and fitted some to just a few hundred HR Holdens. The majority were Special and Premier sedans which also came with the uprated 186S engine, however a wagon in this specification would be scarce indeed.  Prices for Holdens of all kinds have climbed since 2005 and this car will have made money, however it will take an auction with multiple bidders to confirm a true value.

Was $10,000. Now: $30,000-35,000


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