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By: Cliff Chambers

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ford falcon sprint ford falcon sprint

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1965 Ford Falcon Sprint - Advertised March 1996

This car is the reason Australian Falcons prior to the XR weren’t sold with V8 engines. Our first Falcons were based on the original US design – smaller and lighter than the enlarged 1964 version that is a virtual twin of the Mercury Comet. You could still buy a six-cylinder US Falcon, but sales of those collapsed once the Mustang arrived. Falcons with the 260 cubic inch V8 were strong performers and raced in the USA and Europe but hardly any came to Australia as new cars. This one was very likely a recent import which being more than 30 years old could be registered  LHD throughout Australia.


Daimler Vanden Plas V12 - Advertised June 2000


At the same time in 2000 that this Daimler was being sold at scarily low money, lovers of XJ Jaguars were bewailing the ‘destruction’ of so many others that had fallen victim to V8 conversions. Those cars, once their expensive leather trim fell apart and rust took hold, were frequently headed for the wrecker where they were lost for all time. Twenty years later it has become very difficult to find XJs in authentic condition and price remains an ongoing problem.  People who might be prepared to preserve a V12 Daimler or Jaguar remain unwilling to pay more than a pittance for good cars.


MG 1100 Sedan - Advertised December 1991


The Morris 1100 was at one time Australia’s best-selling ‘medium’ family car and internationally the ADO16 range added around three million vehicles to the world carpark. Our 1100s were all Morris badged and any with different branding would have been personal imports. One we missed seeing was the MG 1100 which sold in the UK from 1962-68, came with a distinctive grille from the larger Magnette and 5kW more power than the Morris. Rust has wiped out virtually all of the UK’s 1100s and any that exist here with sound bodywork might soon be heading  ‘home’.

Reader's One That Got Away

Mercedes Benz W113 "Pagoda"


My TAFE teacher drove an immaculate red Pagoda roof with tan trim, I remember her talking about it as her weekend car and she had thoughts of selling. I was a poor student in the 90s, I wish I cobbled up the funds back then to buy it.

TONY smith - liverpool, NSW


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