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By: Cliff Chambers

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Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

Ferrari Dino 246GT - Advertised February 1999

The day in 1988 that a Dino shattered local sales records did more than focus attention on Ferrari values. The Australian market for exotic and performance models  then underwent its first-ever value ‘boom’ –  a purple patch lasting barely 18 months before a crash and slow rebuild. Demand for Dinos during the recent past has surged  and cars in the current market are five times the money being asked for this one. Those 246GTs and a car sold at auction for more than $600,000 during 2018 were all red, so being painted Giallo Fly (yellow) might generate additional money.

Was: $110,000. Now: $700,000-750,000


Lister XJS Convertible - Advertised October 2012


Have to be charitable here because somebody doubtless still owns this rare Jaguar with its astounding performance and unfortunate styling. Lister dates back to the glory days of 1950s racing Jaguars, but it went broke in 1965 and stayed dormant until the name was rekindled in 1986. Lister’s overblown XJS didn’t race but was reportedly capable of 200mph (322km/h) and when new cost A$225,000. Despite very likely being the only XJ-based Lister in Australia, this car has been repeatedly on the market and featured in UC Issue #400, still with a price-tag of $100,000.

Was: $96,000. Now: $80,000-100,000


MGA Coupe - Advertised August 1992


Ads placed by South Australian classic specialist Michael Finnis was always a great place to stop while scanning your latest issue of Unique Cars. This MG would have been an immediate eye-catcher, not only because it was $10,000 cheaper than most As in the market but also for being a rare Fixed Head version. The catch was that this car had come from the USA and was still left-hand drive. However,  due to its age it could be fully registered anywhere without costly conversion and would have swiftly found an owner. Who has it now?

Was: $9990. Now: $25,000-30,000


Bartons Gambler - Advertised July 2010


Conjecture rages across the internet regarding the Gambler. No disputing they are a very rare car, with just 14 built. However they never went near an HSV facility and the VINs are not recorded on the HSV database. Gamblers began life as ordinary VS II Commodores before being retrimmed in red and gold leather, acquiring an engine upgrade, some HSV body embellishments and gold-plate badging. They were created in Queensland by the Bartons Motor Group and initially cost around $47,000. Most seem to have been red but at least one was painted green. Any survive?

Was: $15,000. Now: $15,000-18,000


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