Phase Four moment at Rolling 30 - Revcounter 428

By: Guy Allen

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rolling 30 phase iv rolling 30 phase iv

Weeks of panic result in a big day out at the Unique Cars Rolling 30 event

In case you missed it, up to now we have primarily been publishers. What we’re pretty good at is producing magazines, web sites, squillions of social media posts and even some pretty slick TV shows. Look for Which Car TV if you want proof. And, while we’ve been to lots of events, and even had an events arm back in history, in recent years it hasn’t been much of a focus.

Until now. I blame staffer Joseph Lenthall for the resurgence, because he started it. The general drift was he reckoned there was a market for a cruise day in the safe environs of a track – like Sydney Motorport Park – essentially a cars and coffee on steroids. So not just a static show, but a chance to get out there and take your 30-plus year-old toy for a run, maybe with the family on board.


We’d ask the good folk at Driving Solutions to wrangle the whole track side of things, on the twisty and more intimate south circuit, get some food vans in, plus some of the traders we know are proper car nuts, and see what happened.

Just three weeks out, we were worried. Joe was working his arse off, but the numbers were looking grim. Then it started raining entries, and the rain quickly became a flood. All of a sudden we had an event on our hands, with everything from a Ferrari through to a Saab, to Aussie and American muscle cars – the lot.

| Gallery: Rolling 30 2019 


Here was the icing on the cake: two Ford Falcon GT-HO Phase IVs, including the only surviving road car, out on the track together for the first time ever.

Then there were our shed-dwelling columnists Morley and GT wandering around, chewing the fat with people and offering their two cents worth on all sorts of fascinating cars. We even had a few of Glenn’s current projects on site.

What a day. To those of you who made it along for the ride for our inaugural Rolling 30, thank you very much. You helped make it a day very much to be remembered, that went as well as you could possibly hope for. And to those who missed out on the first one, watch this space. I see Joseph heading in my direction with a very determined look on his face. That must be a good sign...


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