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By: Cliff Chambers

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Cliff Chambers looks back through the Unique Cars classifieds

LANCIA FLAVIA 2000 - Advertised January 1986

Remembering the 1980s and some pretty ordinary cars I sold for more than $7000, this rare and beautiful Lancia ranks as a bargain of immense stature. The Flavia coupe appeared in 1962 and survived with minor restyling until 1975. This looks to be a final-series 2000HF with five-speed gearbox – one of four believed to have been brought to Australia from total production of 1229 cars. Finding any local survivors seemed an impossible ask but then  a car closely resembling this one and located in NSW popped up on a specialist Lancia web-site at an asking price of $50,000.

Was: $7000. Now: $45,000-50,000


FORD CORTINA MARK 1 - Advertised December 1991


Back when Britain unquestionably owned the Australian medium car market you could find Cortinas on every corner and have bought one from almost any used-car yard. Gradually they fell into the hands of owners who smashed and trashed them or let the rust get in and the numbers of surviving cars plunged. By the 1990s, early Mark 1s were scarce although not rare enough to justify $5000 or anything like it. Had you bought this car for a more sensible $3000-3500 and committed to 30 years of intense preservation, that investment would today be bringing a five-fold return.

Was $5400. Now: $18,000-22,000


1965 CHEVROLET IMPALA HARDTOP - Advertised June 2000


They came here in big crates from Canada but as far as Australian buyers were concerned, these Chevrolets and their companion Pontiacs were Aussie-grown luxury. Owning one meant you had nothing left to prove and even 35 years after this pillarless Impala was built it still offered plenty of presence. They were value as well and a $12,900 asking price wouldn’t  have deterred many who were in the market for a good looking family cruiser. Today the money being sought has soared and whoever spent their $13K and held on for the ride will have done well.

Was: $12,900. Now: $35,000-40,000


Reader's One That Got Away - Valiant VF Pacer


Two years ago a blue VF Pacer popped up in your lovely magazine, it was a runner and dead original. It had some boot rust but was $12K. I regret to this day that I was the one to let it getaway. Will I ever find another for a decent dollar?

Claude Smythe - Laura Bay, SA


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