Mark Higgins' Top Picks for Aust & US Muscle Cars

By: Mark Higgins

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holden monaro cv8 holden monaro cv8

Mark chooses his top three muscle cars


As the proud owner of a rather tidy 2002 Holden Monaro CV8, it is an obvious choice for me. Why this model?  Well I wanted either the first or the last of the series and I prefer the look of the first anyway, with its slim line 5-spoke alloy wheels, nostril-free bonnet and the VT dash in piano black. Mine doesn’t have the accessory rear wing that I think detracts from its looks. It isn’t especially fast or loud, the bulletproof LS-1 only pumps out 225 killer watts. But I love every moment behind the wheel. Like a Monet, they don’t make ‘em anymore and you can still pick one up for as little as $25k… but not for much longer.




To me the ’69 Mustang is the high watermark and it’s no coincidence that Ford used a lot of its styling cues when creating the current pony car. The 69 Mustang also reminds me of my all-time favourite race car, Allan Moffat’s TransAm. Although the Boss 302 has enough grunt to get your attention, the suspension and brakes are, shall we say, average. But the flowing lines of the fastback, its wide hunkered down stance and that exhaust burble get me whenever I see one. I spotted an absolute turn-key, driveaway gem for $125,000 recently.




With the price of Aussie muscle cars getting beyond the reach of mere mortals, it got me thinking. I still want two-doors and comfort and versatility and plenty of performance and most importantly, I don’t want to mortgage my house. So a sports ute from the red or blue church ticks all the boxes. For me it’s the VF Series II SS-V Redline that is the best of the best. More than fast enough, the SS-V Redlne stops, handles and rides more than respectably, is very comfy inside with all the mod cons and has a good level of safety kit. Right now you can still grab one for around 60-grand but they will increase in value over time.

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