Falcon XR GT + AC Ace + Morris Marina - Ones That Got Away 422

By: Cliff Chambers

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ford falcon xr gt ford falcon xr gt

Looking back through the Unique Cars classifieds...


Ford XR Falcon GT - Advertised June 1993

Readers who were of car-buying age in the early 1990s might remember seeing ratty and neglected Falcon GTs fronting el-cheapo car yards or in classifieds at prices half of what they had been five years earlier during the first ‘boom’, Today you will be hard-pressed to find an XR GT with rust and ratty paint. Very unlikely also to find one with its original numberplates. This car, revived and presented in showroom order will now generate lots of market interest and six-figure pricing but a little twinge of nostalgia wonders whether it should not have been left ‘as is’. 

Then: $7000. Now: $110-130,000 (restored)


Morris Marina station wagon - Advertised June 1990


British Leyland which owned the Morris name desperately wanted to take a slice of the ‘Repmobile’ market from Ford’s Cortina and thought the Marina was the car to do it. Let’s be polite and say the Marina had some ‘issues’ and its chances of winning a sales race against Ford’s undefeated champion were zero. Australia did sell a few Marinas but we never bothered with  the wagon. Nor did buyers elsewhere, because when looking world-wide for a wagon similar to this one the closest we came were some tidy sedans and a van that someone hopefully offered in Malta for 200 Euro.

Then: $1750. Now: $2500-3000


AC Ace - Advertised October 1999


We remember this gorgeous Ace with its supercharged engine from a feature many years ago where it charmed everyone and won the day despite being on the same ballot paper as a genuine AC Cobra 260. The Ace was of course the forerunner to the Cobra and intended primarily for UK sale with 2.0-litre Bristol or 2.6-litre Ford engines. This car had been surreptitiously equipped with a Toyota five-speed gearbox which (sorry purists) contributed in a major way to driver enjoyment. This was quite likely the only supercharged Ace in Australia and has been sold again within the past few years.

Then: $94,888. Now: $350-400,000


Reader's One That Got Away


1983 Holden VH Commodore SL/E
Dominic Danello - Shepparton, VIC

I still have the magazine clipping at home from the old magazine Auto Car Supermarket, it was a blue shadow-tone VH SL/E, 5.0 wearing a nice set of 17" ROH ZR6 wheels for $8K. It haunts me still that I never pulled the trigger on it.


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