Ford Mustang Cobra-Jet + XD ESP Falcon + Triden - Ones That Got Away 420

By: Cliff Chambers

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mustang cobra jet mustang cobra jet

Uncle Cliff takes a look back through the Unique Cars classifieds...

FORD MUSTANG COBRA-JET - Advertised August 2008

The 2006-08 boom in muscle-car values had little effect on prices for locally-owned Mustangs. It was therefore possible to buy a decent lump of US performance for the price of a fairly sad XA Falcon GT and this Cobra-Jet Mustang was a great choice. Ford’s ‘street-spec’ 7.0-litre engine delivered just 250kW (against 400+ said to be available from a Boss 429) but it was still a rapid way of moving a Mustang that by 1970 had packed on a bit of beef. The car looks to remain LHD and viable therefore on the world market where 1970 CJs often exceed US$80,000.

Then: $74,500. Now: $115-130,000


FORD FALCON XD ESP - Advertised September 1997


The fourth leg of this month’s Ford V8 quadrella is this XD ESP 351. Back in 1997 the XD’s price was around a third the cost of a new XR8 but times have changed. ESPs have become the most coveted 1980s Falcons and while XEs tend to be cost more they are also more common than XDs. This car in silver grey looks very similar to a GL-based 5.8 shown in a Register of ESP Falcons. If so then it is an early-production car and one of fewer than 300 (estimated) that were built. Like all performance Falcons, money being sought for ESP has soared during the past 18 months.

Then: $13,000. Now: $65-80,000

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TRIDEN - Advertised May 1988


Yet another good-looking, one-off Aussie racing special has found its way onto these pages. Detail accompanying a recent sale recalled that the Triden was built in 1956, using a Holden motor and Triumph Renown chassis. It raced sporadically until the 1980s before being rebuilt and offered on a specialist motor-sport website in new blue livery at a healthy asking price of $30,000. Whether that figure was achieved is unknown but the car is listed as ‘sold’ so keep an eye out at Historic events. Looks like it would offer the new owner considerable enjoyment.

Then: $9500. Now: $25-30,000


Reader's One That Got Away:

Alex Martinez - norwood, SA


Growing up in the 90s I always admired the shape of the Opel Calibra and I’m sad to say that you just don’t see them anymore. A few years back I stumbled on an original low kilometre and un-modified Holden 4x4 turbo version for $7500! I hesitated and it was sold. What was I thinking? I so want one.


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