Mark Higgins' top picks for Aussie classics

By: Mark Higgins

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ford falcon xb gt ford falcon xb gt

Mark chooses his top three home grown classics

Ford Falcon XB GT

I love the look and shape of the XB-GT that was so much racier than Holden’s HQ. What’s more it was family friendly with acres of interior space to keep everyone happy. Its big boot easily swallowed everything needed for a summer beach holiday. The wrap-around dash looked so cool and then there was the throw-you-back in the seat, tyre-shredding grunt that only Henry’s big 351, mated to a four-slot manual could deliver, accompanied by baritone exhaust note. The exterior was a bit badass with its nostril bonnet, sectioned grille, mag wheels, front and rear spoilers and big GT351 stickers on its side and bum. If I did have to tone it down, I’d settle for a GS with a 302 V8 and auto box.

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Nissan Skyline GTS Series II


I lugged my family about in one for over a year, where it served duty attending sporting events, several nurseries, family gatherings, and as a shopping cart, Bunnings dweller, golf cart, ambulance, hospitality unit, pet carrier, bike carrier, furniture van, and occasionally a weekend warrior. The GTS was a beaut thing to drive, extremely refined and while it happily pootled about the burbs going about its many aforementioned duties, point-to-point on a challenging piece of blacktop, not much could stay with it. Damn I miss it.

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Holden Commodore VF Series 2 SS-V Redline


Call me sentimental. Last but not least I’d have what I believe is the ultimate Holden Commodore and their fastest and finest family ferry. A 2017 VF Series 2 SS-V Redline auto. Its quality, fit and finish is world-class and its performance per dollar unrivalled. It has all the bells and whistles to keep everyone comfortable, safe and entertained and they are an absolute delight to pedal fast and slow. Long distances are as easily undertaken as breathing and they just look the business.

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