Guy Allen's top buys for Aussie classics

By: Guy Allen

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Guido chooses his top three home grown classics

Holden HZ Kingswood

Come on, I could hardly avoid nominating the last of the Kingswoods, since we bought a sedan way back in 1982 and have kept it ever since.

Putting the ownership issue aside for a moment, to me these things represent the end of an era and become increasingly unlike the ‘normal’ cars you see scuttling about the streets these days.

Plus they’re a a very useable and handsome classic with enough performance, handling and brakes to cope with modern traffic.

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Chrysler Valiant VG Wagon


There’s no doubt wagons are very much back on the collector radar and if I happened to have an HZ truckster to go with my sedan, that would be great.

But really, if I was going to all the trouble of getting another car, I’d swing towards Chrysler. That’s based on two things: I like the feel of the product and I reckon this generation is one of the most handsome wagons, ever.

That light and airy glasshouse, with the big six working away up front – yep, a pretty good way to travel.

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Ford XM Coupe


This is one of those love-hate relationships. I look at the spec of the Ford coupes of this era and wonder if it would be a smart buy.

But every time I see one in the flesh, I’m instantly drawn to it. The first of our locally-built coupes – albeit a direct lift of the American car – has a fair bit of historical significance.

Somehow, that long-tail look has survived and just screams sixties optimism, particularly with the ‘space age’ tail-lamps. Love it.

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