Angelo Loupetis' top buys for Aussie classics

By: Angelo Loupetis

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chrysler by chrysler chrysler by chrysler

Angelo chooses his top three home grown classics

Chrysler by chrysler

If you wanted to make a statement, I reckon it’s impossible to go past the Chrysler by Chrysler hardtop.

Of course they’re almost impossibly rare in good condition and they’re getting expensive, but if you found one you’d be king of the street.

With that extended wheelbase and power everything, this was the height of local luxury. And you got the premium engines: either the 265 Hemi six or the 360 V8. I wouldn’t be too troubled about which one you got, though the V8 probably suits the long wide and proud Americana feel to the whole thing.

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Ford Falcon XR6


Yep, I’m probably stepping into muscle car territory here, but the fact is an XR6 is a family car.

I know because I own a BA XR6 Turbo and it’s been the main transport for our young family for several years.

It’s had some niggling electronic issues, but it remains a great car.

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Holden VK Calais


No shed is complete without a screaming eighties rocketship, and my favourite is the VK Calais.

It’s the giant digital dash that gets me every time I sit in one – that plus the two-tone paint.

And the engine? Would a V8 manual be too much to ask?


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