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There are about 60 members in Australia and New Zealand, and we’re probably the only Prince-specific club outside of Japan. We have been involved with the Japanese club for the last decade.

Some 331 cars officially imported when they were new and about 120 still in existence, only 45 of which are still on the road. Most of the owners have multiples, which is why they still survive.

If you’re looking for one as a restoration project, rust is a common issue. Originality and how complete a car is can be critical. Parts for a Prince Skyline GT are virtually non-existent. Mechanically, we get things made. For example we’ve gone to the trouble of getting first gears made, head gaskets made. We can’t get engine components, and we always try to modify and make things work. Getting a car as complete as possible is the key – if you see two, buy them!

We’re the best place for information on what components they should have. What you see on the internet can be a bit shaky, whereas our owners are a good source. We’re probably a good place to start if you want to buy one as well, as they very rarely get advertised. Generally our group will be given first refusal on something.

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I used to be into old 356 Porsches and Karmann Ghias and the like, but sold them up and switched over to the Prince. I haven’t looked back – it’s a passion.

The cars in Japan ran from 1964 and in Australia they were available from 1965 to 1968.

These days they’re an absolute pleasure to drive – like a lot of old cars. You have noise, the triple Webers on the straight six, and the later models had five-speed boxes with LSD. They’re everything and old car should be. For their day, they were an absolute rocket.

We maiantain records for all types of Prince Skylines, Prince Glorias and Commercials, while keeping strong ties with multiple Japanese car clubs and enthusiasts around the globe.

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Contact: Jason Quigg




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