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maserati gathering 16 maserati gathering 16

Established almost three years ago the Maserati Owners Club of Australia recently conducted its most ambitious project to date, the inaugural global gathering of the brand, the first time this has occurred in the marque’s 104-year history.

Led by enthusiast and club president John Gove, the Maserati Owners Club caters to fans of the celebrated Italian cars.

Club members own an array of models from the 1950s up to the latest from the Modena factory.

Many of the cars are the classic models from the 1960s and 70s, with the oldest and possibly the most valuable car in the club being a 1956 150S/250S race car. The club also boasts two of only 23 5000GT models produced.

Gove says the club is very socially active and organises regular runs and gatherings. "We are here to have fun and enjoy our cars and each-others friendship," says Gove, "and to indulge our Maserati passions."

The club has 120 members and is growing. And you don’t have to own a Maserati to join the club.

Gove says the major benefit of Maserati Owners Club membership is the social element, along with the assistance and advice in sourcing parts, model history and authenticity from the members.

"We are all passionate about the cars, but at the end of the day it’s all about the places they take you, the people you meet, the friends you make and the experiences you share, thanks to our Maseratis that’s most important."

While poking your head under bonnets and discussing technology takes place, it’s only a part of it according to Gove. "We make sure our wives, girlfriends and partners are equally involved and enjoy the events and socialising."

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Club info:

President: John Gove
Meetings: see webpage


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