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With a massive national membership, this has to be one of the fastest-growing clubs out there

For a series that began way back in 1972 with the HQ, it’s incredible to think that a nationwide club for SS Holdens only got going five years ago. As President and co-founder Mark Austin points out, there was a club for HSV owners, but somehow the SS missed out.

He and a mate, Chris Sanderson, decided something had to be done about the situation. "It actually started in my back yard," says Mark.

The group’s main avenue for communication is Facebook, and you can find them at facebook.com/ssownersclub.

Interest has been phenomenal – suggesting Mark and Chris spotted a pent-up demand. Some 3500 people nationwide are signed up.

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There are lots of events held over the year, primarily cruises, shows and barbecue days, while the club has a preferred charity in the form of Challenge, which supports kids with cancer (see challenge.org.au).

One of the more notable events is the annual cruise to Lorne in Vic, which typically attracts some 120 cars. There is an even bigger event on the horizon, on October 28 – namely the fifth birthday cruise to San Remo (again in Vic), which is likely to have 200-plus cars. That will be an amazing sight.

There’s no doubting the enthusiasm of the organisation, which has branches in every state. If you have an SS, or are in the market for one, we can recommend getting in touch.

Club contact:

President: Mark Austin
Meetings: see Facebook.com/ssownersclub


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