Holden Muster 2017 Features and Events

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Goodbye locally-made Holdens: 2017 features, galleries and videos

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Holden 2017 Features and Events 

10 iconic Holdens

Holden -48-215

1. Holden 48-215

Arguably, no other car in history has been so carefully conceived for a unique set of circumstances as the Holden 48-215 was. 
Read more on the Holden 48-215.

2. Holden FE Station Sedan

If the original Holden 48-215 may be viewed as almost an automotive miracle, being an all-new car developed specifically for Australia and uniquely suited to the task, then the 1957 FE Station Sedan was Holden’s second near-miracle.
Read more on the Holden FE Station Sedan.

3. Holden EH

The EH's arrival launched a whole new era for Holden.
Read more on the Holden EH.

4. Holden HQ

The HQ was the most radically new Holden since the original 48-215 (‘FX’).
Read more on the Holden HQ.

5. Holden WB Caprice

Why was the 1980 Statesman/Caprice codenamed ‘WB’? The short answer is that it was intended to supersede the WA. Of course, the WA never transpired and the WB Kingswood/Premier program was scrapped.
Read more on the Holden WB Caprice.

6. Holden VB Commodore

So momentous was the switch from an essentially US-influenced Holden to one that was developed from an Opel, that even at the time many industry observers probably guessed that the VB Commodore would prove to be the second most important Australian-manufactured Holden in history.
Read more on the Holden VB Commodore.

7. Holden VT Commodore

The VT Commodore can now be seen as the new Holden that most closely delivered on its potential. It is also the model that made the Commodore’s market leadership over its rival Falcon definitive and permanent.
Read more on the Holden VT Commodore.

8 & 9. Holden Torana A9X & XU-1

Toranas come in all shapes and sizes but the A9X and XU-1 are the stars
Read more about the Holden Torana A9X and Torana XU-1.

10. Holden Monaro

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Holden Galleries

Gallery 1 from Lang Lang

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

More to come




Holden Videos

Holden Muster overview

Holden's hero Commodores with John Bowe

Holden FC wagon with owner Dominic Lentini

Holden HQ Monaro with owner Rob Hastie

Commodore family tree, with Glenn Torrens

Holden 48-215 with owner Eric Spokes

More to come



Holden Monaro Icons


Holden -ht -monaro -350

1969 HDT HT 350 Monaro Racer

HDT's first Monaro failed in its only race but was the car that led to Bathurst glory.
Read more about the HDT's first Monaro.




Holden Commodore Features





Holden Camira





Holden Utes








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