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By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine , Photography by: Daniel Groszek

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While 4CVs and Dauphines didn’t get the blood racing, recent Renaults offer enough go to attract enthusiasts

The forum is the place for Renault Sport enthusiasts in Australia.

Established in 2004, the online community has over 8000 members and caters to all aspects of owning one of these Gallic performance cars.

Renault Sport itself was first introduced into the Australian in market in 2001 with the Renault Clio Sport Phase 1.

The spritely little hot hatch, with just 85 units imported, was snapped up by eager customers with such verve that the performance arm of the French manufacturer quickly garnered a loyal, local following.

Daniel Groszek, one of the website’s administrators and a keen Renault enthusiast himself, says the forum is a great place for absolutely anyone who is keen on Renault Sports and driving.

"It’s a really fun and tightknit community and there is a bunch of events such as drive days, track days, dinners and other social gatherings that are organised on a regular basis, state to state, across the country," said Groszek.

He is also keen to point out that from a mechanical standpoint, the forum is ideal for anyone with a query about their vehicle.

"There is an absolute plethora of knowledge on the forum and chances are if you’ve got a problem, someone else on the site has had the same issue and, more importantly, has found a solution," he said.

The forum also holds an annual national meet which spans three days and encompasses a great deal of driving on some of Australia’s best roads, plus a track day and a shedload of laughs.

You don’t have to own a Renault Sport to join in the fun, however anyone and everyone who is a driving enthusiast can join the forum.

"We’re happy for anyone to join the forum who loves driving and loves cars, but usually those who don’t own an RS don’t stay that way for too long", said Groszek with a chuckle.

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