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A member of the Bolwell Car Club has gone the extra mile and written a book saluting the all-Australian sports car


Bolwell Car Club of Australia

No one would be surprised to learn that the iconic and significant all-Australian sports car from the 60s and 70s, the Bolwell, attracted a band of rusted-on fans from the beginning. There’s little surprise either that the next logical step soon followed – this doughty band of Bolwell enthusiasts set up a club.

Formed in 1968 at a meeting of Bolwell owners in suburban Melbourne, the Bolwell Car Club of Australia (BCCA) is one of the country’s oldest one-marque sports car clubs. It became CAMS-affiliated early on to enable members to compete in road racing and hillclimb events.

The growth in numbers of Bolwell Club members living outside Victoria ultimately led to state-based club divisions being set up for Victoria, NSW, SA and WA.

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Speaking about his affection for the club, club member and veteran motoring journalist Rob Luck said: "Bolwell Club people are the best clubbies I have ever worked with and they are so enthusiastic in every state.

"For example, the Easter meet is staged in a different state each year and the events attract more than 20 premium cars each time.

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"That’s some kind of enthusiasm given the relatively low numbers of Bolwells built – with perhaps only 800 cars produced in all."

The annual BCCA Easter events are well-organised gatherings, with motoring activities, concours competition for their magnificent cars and social events including dinners where members catch up with the fellow enthusiasts who have become their firm friends over the years.


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We were speaking to Bolwell cub member Rob Luck after learning that he has recently published an important book about all things Bolwell – Bolwell – An Australian Icon. The result of 20 years of research, the book consists of 250 pages providing detailed coverage of all 10 Bolwell models including 80 stunning examples that are still in use today, on road or track.

Luck explained: "The Book isn’t a project of the Bolwell Club itself, although there was naturally a great co-operative effort with regard to sourcing collectable cars for the content.

"We produced the book independently with the assistance of a consortium of sources.

"It covers the entire 50-plus-year history of Bolwell Cars and all models from the original to the most recent."

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Luck went on to say that as well as giving detailed coverage of the Bolwell sports cars, the book provides a wealth of information about the company’s diverse range of products since car production ceased. He pointed out that Bolwell today is one of the largest composites manufacturers in Australia.

Priced at $120 (plus p & p), the individually numbered, 50th Anniversary, hardcover book is presented in a handsome carbon-fibre-look fabricated slip-case.


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