You can't say that! Old car ads part 4

By: Andy Enright, Photography by: Unique Cars archives

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Part four of our old car ad shockers

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We wind back the clock and trawl through more ads from years gone by. Some are great. Some are toe-curlingly awful but very few of them would work today.

Vauxhall -ventora

The lazy what? We’re having a bit of trouble with this concept. The flabby rocket? The slovenly meteor? The obese bullet? The chronically demotivated sex missile? Let’s just say that the brainstorming session for this Vauxhall Ventora ad pitch must have been a blast. The top gear flexibility for town traffic driving has us at a bit of a loss though.



Given the advertising watchdogs’ determination to stamp down on any promotion that seems to be promoting furious driving, we love an ad like this that features the BMW 2002 looming large in the rear view, clearly letting everything hang out. Interesting how the ad quotes 0-50mph times too. Wonder when that disappeared?


Reliant -regal

Logic would appear to have little to do with the purchase of a Reliant three wheeler. Expediency would be a more pressing reason, given that they were largely bought by British drivers unable to pass a driving test and who could legally drive them on a bike licence. We’re informed in this ad that because they’re glass fibre, Reliants will never rust. Drive one over an inspection pit and check the underside though!



Right. Must stress end user benefits. "This vehicle has greater power because it has a new suction and exhaust branch, double carburator with new engine control levers…rectangular headlight with a possibility of quick adjustment of height of light rays." It’s hard to refuse. Capping it off with a picture that looks as if the owner is pushing the car only adds to the appeal of these agricultural Yugoslavian confections.


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