Cars to watch: Peugeot 205 GTI

By: James Robinson, Unique Cars magazine

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Could the Gallic hot hatch be the next blue chip stock in the crazy world of classic car prices?

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If you told me two years ago that buying a Peugeot 205 GTI from the late '80s to early '90s would be a smart investment, I would have laughed so hard that there’s a good chance I might have needed a new pair of jeans.

Don’t get me wrong; in the eyes of many, including myself, the 205 GTI is quite possibly the greatest hot hatch of all time.

With its small dimensions, 875kg kerb weight and 1.9lt 4-cylinder motor good for 97kW, the 205 GTI was and more importantly still is a revelation to any keen driving enthusiast.

But a good investment, I think no - or at least that’s what I thought until the middle of August last year, when I discovered that a very tidy 205 GTI had been sold at a British auction house for, wait for it… £30,938!

I’ll just repeat that again, £30,938! Or in Aussie dollars, 50 grand!

Now I know what you’re thinking, that must’ve been a special edition 205 GTI and only a handful were made, or maybe it’s had an illustrious history of famous owners. Nope, it was just a very well looked after, low mileage 205.

So, does this now mean that prices of Pug 205 GTIs are set to soar?

Well I’ve been closely following the market and definitely not looking at buying one myself (that’s a lie, I have, it’s a daily struggle between my wallet and my will) and I can report that prices have been creeping up over the past year, especially for well-kept ones.

However, slightly more weathered examples can still be had for an absolute bargain, I’m talking $4000-5000 bucks.

If you are inclined towards the little Frenchy, there’s one for sale right now on tradeuniquecars.


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